Diane Pearson Studio


Welcome to Diane Pearson Studio

Growing up I have always loved art. I love doing art as much as I love looking at art. My favorite memories were rainy days in grade school staying inside using color crayons, color pencils, Elmer’s glue and scissors.

I have been fortunate in my career choice of residential interior design and enjoyed great projects and even greater clients. At times it has not even seemed like work but instead it has been doing something creative and sharing my talent with others.

The past five years have lead me to art classes. Having entered college as a studio art major I find it is natural for me to hold a paint brush and pencil.

Botanical painting is a meditation for me, a process of observing in layers. I love color. I love design. I love patterns, composition, complicated, organic, nature. I love the small details that make a painting come to life.

I am inspire by nature. I am inspired by people. I have enjoyed working closely with people helping them with what I do best, interior design. Now I am painting and drawing what I believe will be something to be enjoyed in their home.